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I am truly humbled to have received such wonderful feedback from my clients.

"Kris is not only very easy to work with, he is also very talented. He made sure that I was 100% comfortable with everything that we shot and his attention to detail is unparalleled. He truly understands photography, lighting, videography and the science driving the creation of the images he is producing. Truly love working with him and had an amazing time!"

"Kris was very easy to work with and very professional! He had a strong vision for what he wanted, which made the shoot incredibly easy and relaxed. We played around with a few concepts, too."

 "Kris was a delight to work with. I appreciated that I felt at ease immediately around him. I think his portfolio speaks for itself. Thank you Kris, that was fun!"

"Kris is so friendly and has a genuine interest in his craft as a means of self expression. He's incredibly experienced with studio lighting, portrait and fine art photography. He behaved professionally, the shoot experience was enjoyable and I love the images we created."

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